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When it came time for The Gift of Life Network (TGLN) to expand to a much larger location on Bay Street in downtown Toronto, choosing a partner that was able to provide proficiency, innovation and manage the electrical solution in its entirety was imperative.

Their choice was Raylan Electrical for the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of the lighting, security, controls, fire alarm and communications system.  It was important that TGLN install a solution comprehensive enough to demonstrate state of the art lighting technology while saving money and contributing to a green energy solution.

Raylan designed the solution to include a Lutron lighting control system integrated into the base building control system for their new fixtures. This enabled both custom dimming control while facilitating the ability to harvest light, saving energy costs on sunny days.


Trillium Gift of Life Network


Design, installation and ongoing maintenance of the lighting, security, controls, fire alarm and communications system.

The project also included the installation of the fire alarm system complete with Evac speaker, strobes and pull stations throughout the 4th floor. Raylan also managed the design and installation of a new security system utilizing a C-Cure 9000 head end complete with associated card readers, door releases and A-phones also tied into the base building security system.

Like many projects, maintaining the project schedule to ensure a timely completion was mandatory.  Always maintaining a “whatever it takes” approach and attitude is what set Raylan apart from other contractors and provided the greatest value to TGLN.  Working weekends when required in addition to cooperating and collaborating with trades was what ensured the project was complete and the Gift of Life Network and team were fully operational in their new home on time.

“I am writing this long overdue thank you for all of the help that Raylan has given us.  Bob initially spent half a day himself helping to map out the conduit path and then another half a day helping to trace a fibre coming from the south tower.  He then had his team run the cable over the weekend.  If not for this, we would not have been operational in time.  Above and beyond this, his team has been extremely accommodating and helpful whenever we had issues, questions and changes.”

Johann Govindaraj, Infrastructure & Change Control Manager

The Gift of Life Network

Raylan Electrical Systems Inc.

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